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Dan is a highly skilled doctor in many areas from general practice to remote and expedition medicine. I have worked with Dan several times over the years on different expeditions and large events, where his knowledge of any incidents at hand is immense.

He is approachable and hilarious. Excellent cement block for any team. I look forward to working with him again in the future!

Tony Cavanagh, Paramedic

Dan is committed and experienced within the field of wilderness medicine, and has excellent management and leadership skills. After years working together and teaching in remote locations side by side I’ve witnessed his ability, aptitude and “can do” and attitude.

I’d highly recommend Dan as a team member for any future projects.

Dr Josh Alison, Medical Director Unique Expeditions

Dr Dan was friendly and chilled and I felt confident in his experience and decision making. Very professional.

Mel, Dream Challenges Expedition Leader

I've known Dan for several years and have worked alongside him on numerous occasions. He is an incredibly knowledgeable wilderness medic, motivated, friendly and extremely good at what he does.

I'd happily take Dan anywhere on an expedition knowing not only myself, but clients and production crew would be very well looked after

Andy Dorsett, Freelance Survival Consultant

Daniel appeared knowledgeable, supportive, reactive to situations and friendly. He made me feel encouraged and supported.

Extremely professional with the right amount of humour and social skills to support the team. You showed extreme amounts of patience with those who were under prepared for the challenge. A great addition to the team in both a medical and social capacity. Thanks for your support

I would be very happy if you were supporting any future trips that I will undertake

Dream Challenges China Trek Participants

‘I had a really good time despite the heat and storm - which was well beyond anyone's control. It was tough but a great crowd of trekkers with good supportive doctors that were calm and patient.’

Dream Challenges Jordan Trek Participant

"Thank you- it has been an absolute pleasure working with you as part of the Medical Team. I trust your clinical judgement and you displayed excellent clinical leadership and decision making."

Clare Fitchett

Critical Care Paramedic and Deputy Chief Leader

British Exploring Landmark Expedition Scotland

"I have had the immense pleasure of working with Daniel on number of Challenge events. Daniel has been employed as the Doctor and his role covered not only the medical side of looking after the participant’s but also managing and coordinating the medical team on the event.


He is a dedicated professional and is also a great team player. I would recommend Daniel to any one who needs excellent medical cover and superb organisational skills."

Steve Scullion

Across the Divide

I worked with Dan in the Yukon. During our trip wildfires were a significant risk. Dan's role in the management of these risks was crucial to the success of the expedition. Throughout the trip I worked with Dan in many different setting, and always found him an excellent teammate, medic and a genuinely great person to work with. I hope to work with Dan again on a future expedition. 

Matt Burke

Science Leader

British Exploring Canadian Yukon Expedition

"With TrailMed, I have now worked with Daniel on several large events in the last couple of years, including the gruelling 9 day "Ride Across Britain" from Land's End to John O'Groats. We have worked together in many diverse and often remote environments and treated a large range of pre-hospital presentations. Daniel has proved himself to be a thoroughly competent and knowledgeable pre-hospital colleague, always keen to get stuck in and help, and one of our "go to" clinicians when the going gets tough.


If you need a doctor with a love of the great outdoors and a comprehensive clinical skillset, then Daniel is definitely that person. I look forward to working together on the next big adventure and hope that it is soon!"

Patrick Musto

Medical Director 


"I have known Dr Grace since our first expedition together in 2019. We were working with the British Exploring Society in complementary roles; he as Chief Medic, and I as Chief Scientist. The conditions were basic, but that didn’t deter Dan from deploying sharp wit, a likeable personality and exceptional professionalism. Dan made a number of medical calls throughout the expedition, each with sound judgement under difficult circumstances."

Dr Leigh Bowman

Consultant Epidemiologist

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare

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