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Photoblog: British Exploring Yukon Expedition 2019

They say a picture speaks a thousand words:

Here are some photos from my summer trip to the Yukon in Canada with the British Exploring Society- starting off with some stuffed reindeer on the baggage console in the arrivals hall of Whitehorse! The next few photos show the scale of our preparation at the Curling club where we checked and sorted all the necessary equipment and food provisions.

Once we arrived at the basecamp 500km away, we set out discovering some of the trails- these varied from wading through bog, to following old mining tracks or bashing our way through the trees.

We walked, camped, had some great campfires, ate alot of ready meals and were kept amused by many riddles and jokes and the occasional song along the way.

At the top of one ridge-line we even discovered a jar with a note in it from a similar expedition back in 1972!

I spent time with several different groups of young people from a huge variety of backgrounds and it was great to see the impact that the trip had upon them as well as learn about their plans for the future. We were also lucky to have a wealth of talent as shown by the flag painted by some of the explorers in the last photo!

These are only a small proportion of the pictures taken- to get a true idea of the trip and the impact it had, check out the video below. It features footage from all the different groups and a song that was written during the trip, featuring yours truly on the ukelele aided by an able backing band and Chief Science Leader Leigh Bowman on the guitar :-)

If you are an expedition medic looking for a trip where you can make a positive impact towards the lives of young people, do think about volunteering with The British Exploring Society.

You will be part of a medical team so it is a great way of getting some experience out in the field without feeling isolated. You will also get to join and work with an organisation that has been running since 1932! To find out more click the logo below!

A short one this time. Keep an eye on the website and social media. I am excited that Episode 2 of the podcast will be recorded shortly and will discussing snake bites, how to manage these on expedition and some of the latest research around anti-venom.

Until then, keep on adventuring



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