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Discover the Livingstone Revisited 2024 Expedition

Spanning over 2000km through Zambia’s diverse landscapes, including savannahs, swamps, and national parks, this overlanding adventure will be conducted in a convoy of 4×4 vehicles equipped for remote and off-road travel.

As the expedition retraces the historic paths of David Livingstone, it aims to make a profound impact on contemporary healthcare accessibility in the region. Central to the expedition’s mission is the integration of advanced telemedicine solutions provided by Virtual Doctor’s telemedicine application. This technology will establish new clinics and enable direct access to healthcare specialists, thereby revolutionising healthcare accessibility in underserved communities across Zambia.

In addition to healthcare infrastructure, the expedition aims to mitigate the impact of frequent power outages caused by widespread droughts. By distributing solar lanterns and chargers to clinics along the route, the project ensures these facilities can operate continuously, delivering uninterrupted high-quality patient care.


Furthermore, the expedition underscores a commitment to community development through collaborative efforts with Snake Safety Zambia. Together, they will implement pre-hospital snakebite training programs, empowering local healthcare providers and communities with essential life-saving skills.


You can join us in making a significant impact on healthcare in Zambia by visiting our Go Fund Me page.

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