The Virtual Doctors 2021 Fundraising Campaign

Can you help?


Every day 200 NHS doctors come in from a busy shift, log onto the Virtual Doctors app and volunteer to improve the lives of 4,000 people in Africa.


Watch the video below to discover how the Virtual Doctors has evolved to use a simple smart phone app to help save lives in sub-saharan Africa.

The Virtual Doctors use a Smartphone App to connect isolated health centres in rural Zambia and Malawi with volunteer doctors, based predominantly in the UK.

The volunteer doctors offer advice to diagnose conditions, and to manage and treat patients.


This assists and empowers local health workers, helps reduce unnecessary hospital referrals,  and ultimately saves lives.

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Charities in the UK are facing huge cuts at a time where global solidarity is needed more than ever.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced in November 2020 that the U.K. would not spend 0.7% of gross national income (GNI) in 2021 and would instead contribute just 0.5%

In real terms this means that the U.K.’s aid budget will be reduced by £4.5 billion


Alongside this, the FCO are axing grants that the government had previously committed to, such as the £30 million THET UK Partnerships for Health program. Actions such as this threaten global solidarity and also the existence of small charities such as the Virtual Doctors.

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You can make a difference:

We rely 100% on charitable donations to fund our work and receive no government grants or funding. We are in desperate need of funding to keep the charity running to build on over a decade's work within Zambia.


A donation of £10 a month will help pay for a data bundle for a remote clinic.

A donation of £20 a month will help a clinical officer get access to vital  remote medical advice.

A donation of £30 a month will help us improve our technological infrastructure and further develop our platform to benefit more patients.

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